Warsaw is a security solution developed by GAS, a subsidiary of the Diebold Nixdorf group, which is premised on providing reliability to electronic transactions.

The solution is offered by financial, governmental and private organizations by installing or upgrading its protection modules on their computer.

If you have questions or need support, please first contact the customer service center of your bank/other organization.

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  • I am not able to access my Internet Banking because the Security Module instalation failed. What should I do?

    Stage 1 – Uninstalling the Banco do Brasil Security Module
    In this stage, we suggest removing Warsaw from your computer, in order to begin a new installation process.

    Step 1 - How to remove the Security Module starting from the Control Panel.
    In this stage, for the sake of speed, simultaneously press the Windows key + the R key, and run the command appwiz.cpl. By doing so, the Programs and Resources window opens directly, with the list of programs, so you can uninstall the Security Module.
    Click on the Start Menu, then Control Panel. Access “Programs and Resources” or “Uninstall a program”

    Step 2
    Click on the program called “Warsaw x.x.x.x”, where x is the version (e.g.: Warsaw and click on “Uninstall.” Follow the uninstallation steps according to the program’s messages.

    Step 3
    After uninstalling, delete any remaining directories of the Security Module. Please delete the following folders in the following paths:
    Simultaneously press the Windows key + the R key to open the “Run” window;
    Type %ProgramData% and press Enter or click OK;
    Select and delete the GAS Tecnologia and GBPlugin folders, if such folders exist;
    Simultaneously press the Windows key + the R key to open the “Run” window;
    Type %temp% and press Enter or click OK;

    Step 4
    In the Temp folder that was open, simultaneously press the Ctrl key + the A key to select all the files, and then press the Delete key to delete all of the temporary files.
    N.b.: These files can be safely deleted, without causing any negative consequences to your computer. If the deletion of any file is not permitted, please click “Ignore;”

    Step 5
    Open the desired browser (e.g.: Chrome, Firefox) and simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + Delete;
    Select the following items to clean, if they exist:
    Cookies and other site and plug-in data;
    Cache files;
    Data of the hosted application (offline site data);
    Content licenses.

    Stage 2 – Installing the Security Module
    After cleaning any possible remaining security module files, please perform a new installation. Follow the steps below:

    Step 1
    Download the offline installer of the Security Module, provided by Banco do Brasil according to the platform or the Windows system type (32-bit or 64-bit):
    N.b.: If you do not know the platform’s operating system:
    On the keyboard, simultaneously press the Windows key + Pause/Break key; OR
    On the keyboard, simultaneously press the Windows key + E key, right-click My Computer, then click on Properties;
    A window will open, informing the operating system and platform or system type (32-bit or 64-bit).

    [Windows 32 bits] https://cloud.gastecnologia.com.br/bb/warsaw/install/warsaw_setup.exe
    [Windows 64 bits] https://cloud.gastecnologia.com.br/bb/warsaw/install/warsaw_setup64.exe

    Step 2
    Once the download is complete, close any open browsers.

    Step 3
    Open the location of the downloaded program, usually found in: C:\Users\UserName\Downloads.

    Step 4
    Run the downloaded file as an Administrator, by right-clicking on the executable, and select “Run as administrator.”

    Step 5
    During installation, click on the “Next” button, until installation is complete.

    Step 6
    After installation is complete, open the desired browser and access the website:
    https://seg.bb.com.br/ or http://www.bb.com.br/

    Step 7
    When accessing https://seg.bb.com.br/, check whether installation of the Security Module was successful after new installation

    Step 8
    When accessing http://www.bb.com.br/, click on “Acesse sua conta,” test and verify whether it is possible to enter your branch number, account number and password.

    Step 9 If the problem persists, please restart your browser or computer; again access one of the links described in step 6.

    Step 3 – Installing Warsaw through the GAS website
    Step 1
    If the problem in accessing Internet Banking still persists, please visit the following link: http://gastecnologia.com.br:8080/diagnostico/

    Step 2
    Select the Banco do Brasil option and click “Next” or “Próximo.”

    Step 3
    If available on the page, click on “Download Warsaw” or “Install.”

    Step 4
    If a message appears stating that the installation was successful, please visit one of the links: seg.bb.com.br or www.bb.com.br and test your access to Internet Banking.

    Stage 4 – Download TeamViewer for Remote Access
    Step 1
    If none of the above steps solves the problem, we can perform a remote access to your computer during our contact reply.
    Below is a link for direct download:

  • What is Warsaw, GAS's electronic fraud protection software, and what is it for?

    - The GAS security solution was designed to increase the protection of customers of banks and other organizations against electronic fraud during online transactions (such as those made in Web applications).

  • What kind of protection does the GAS security solution provide to end users?

    - The GAS security solution prevents fraudsters, third-party programs and malicious software from capturing private user information and data (such as bank passwords and transaction data).

  • How does the GAS security solution work?

    - The GAS security solution acts proactively and preventively, preventing sensitive electronic transaction data from being misused by malicious software and fraudsters.

  • Does the GAS security solution work as a spy of my data?

    - No. The GAS security solution does not monitor sensitive user data. It does not have access to web application passwords, transaction data or user device information.

  • Does the GAS security solution change the computer's operating system settings?

    - At the time of installation of the GAS security solution, the computer is analyzed for possible operating system vulnerabilities. In case one is found, the installation wizard has the privileges required to make the necessary corrections.

  • Does the GAS security solution slow down the computer?

    - No. The GAS security solution acts to verify malicious processes or behaviors considered abnormal, causing the computer to use more computing resources at certain times. This may temporarily affect the performance of machines with limited hardware resources or processing overhead generated by other software and services.

  • What to do in case the computer freezes or if there are navigation issues?

    - It is generally not possible to identify the cause of a machine crash. However, if you can associate the problem to the GAS security solution, we recommend that you get in touch with your bank/other organization for more specific guidance (which will depend on the specific version of the GAS security solution adopted by that bank or organization).

  • Is it possible for the GAS security solution to be installed on my computer without my permission?

    - No. The GAS security solution is not installed automatically or without user permission. It is worth noting that the GAS security solution is installed on your computer in the first access to the Web application, after confirmation from the user.

  • How do I install the GAS security solution correctly?

    - To install the GAS security solution, follow the guidelines from your bank/other organization. It is a simple, fast procedure, with guidance provided in the user's screen.

  • Installation Error: what to do if I receive an error message related to Vcredist (msvcr120.dll)?

    - In these cases, error messages related to Vcredist (msvcr120.dll), for instance, may appear at startup time of the operating system or while uninstalling the GAS security solution. On these occasions, reinstalling the GAS security solution fixes the issue presented.

  • Installation Error: what to do if the web application does not recognize the GAS security solution as installed?

    - In these cases, we recommend reinstalling GAS's Warsaw solution. If the problem still persists, contact your bank/other organization for more specific guidance.

  • What to do if a message appears requesting proxy authentication?

    - During installation/upgrade of the solution, a message may appear asking for proxy authentication. This occurs when the user uses some form of proxy that may lead to internal blocking and prevent access to the web application. If this occurs, please contact your network administrator or your bank/other organization.

  • Do I need to manually configure or update the GAS security solution?

    - No. All necessary settings are configured automatically at installation time, during the installation wizard. Updates are provided automatically when made available by your banks/other organization.

  • What are the minimum hardware requirements for the GAS security solution to perform optimally?

    - Every bank/organization has different rules and their own access requirements, so that recommendation will depend on each bank/organization. Therefore, please get in touch directly with the service channels of your bank/other organization for specific guidelines.

  • Does the GAS security solution work best in a particular browser type?

    - The GAS security solution works in all major browsers. However, some banks or organizations may be more restricted to a particular type of browser. It is worth checking with your bank/other organization.

  • How do I uninstall the GAS security solution?

    - The correct procedure to uninstall the GAS security solution must be conducted with guidance from your bank/other organization, as instructed by the appropriate service channel.

  • Does GAS provide protection in banking transactions carried out in the new Windows 10 Operating System?

    - Yes. Our security solutions are also compatible with the new Windows 10 Operating System.

  • Does Warsaw support Windows 10?

    - Yes. The GAS digital security solution supports the new Windows 10 operating system.

  • Windows 10 has a new browser, Microsoft Edge. Does Warsaw support this new browser?

    - Yes. The GAS digital security solution was adjusted to also operate in the new Microsoft Edge browser.

  • Will Internet Explorer 11, which is also native to Windows 10, remain supported by Warsaw?

    - Yes, the GAS digital security solution will remain compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

  • What should I do if Warsaw repeatedly asks to install the security module on my computer?

    - In this case, we recommend that you contact your bank/organization for more specific guidelines (which will depend on the version of the GAS security solution adopted by it).

  • What is the recommendation when my company's software presents a possible incompatibility with GAS security solutions?

    - In this case, please contact us via e-mail: supportgas@diebold.com 

    To make sure you receive a response as quickly as possible, please describe your application and how the possible incompatibility occurs in your message. If possible, attach the executable to the application or inform the link to it so it can be downloaded.

    GAS will run tests to check for possible incompatibilities and to ensure the authenticity and reliability of your application. After these procedures, once we confirm the incompatibility, the necessary adjustments will be made so that this does not happen again.