Financial Losses


Banking systems, e-commerce websites and even government agencies can suffer major financial losses if they become the targets of cyberattacks. Therefore, whatever segment your institution works in, it is important to identify transactions sensitive to fraud and think of ways of securing access in order to avoid losses.

GAS's solutions work to fight the various types of Internet attacks, preventing fraudsters from stealing sensitive data through false websites or spy software.

In addition, they also protect against remote access attacks on user devices, i.e. those in which the fraudster enters into transactions in the background while the person is logged into the system being attacked.

Mitigate financial losses from fraud and other illegal activities on the internet.

Our solutions:

Protect against data leaks and information theft

Strengthen the fight against fraud through constant monitoring of the behavior of financial transactions in digital environments

Identify accesses and locate the source of fraud

Assist in building security policies

Protect against access to fake websites or interactions with malicious software